Blogging Hiatus

Hi everyone,

I just realized that my last blog post was about a year ago! The past year has been a whirlwind that I wish I had shared as they were happening. But if you follow my Instagram, it’s all there. I really focused all my energy on each thing that I forgot about my blog. But here I am, back in the blogosphere! Here is a list of highlights in the past year:

  1. I started an entertainment business with one of my best buddies.
  2. I played with some new artists but eventually dropped out of those projects. I’ll explain later…
  3. I got ENGAGED! 😀
  4. I got to play some really cool venues and festivals.
  5. I visited Sedona, AZ for the first time and visited San Francisco again
  6. I became an American Citizen!
  7. I went surfing in Mexico.
  8. I started a band with my fiancé.
  9. I am taking drum lessons again.
  10. I am teaching more.
  11. I was surfing too much.
  12. I visited Germany for the first time over the holidays with a day trip to France (I went to France 10 years ago.)
  13. I have been making more time to practice for myself (not just for gigs.)
  14. I am experiencing spiritual growth.
  15. I am writing a book.
  16. I wear glasses now.

Looking back at the list, it has been an interesting and amazing year and I am only excited for what is to come. I will blog about some of these things listed because I want to share with you and dig deep about what I have been learning, experiencing and discovering musically and personally.

Write to you soon,


Enjoying a sunny German day on the Rhine River Cruise!

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