Winter In Germany

Hey everyone!

This past holiday season was spent in Germany with my fiancé and his family. It was the first time I spent Christmas time away from my own family. But we kept in touch regularly via FaceTime so they didn’t seem so far away.

I took way too many photos for a blog post, so here is a gallery of some highlights in Germany, the places we visited, food we ate, and our day to day activities during the 3.5 weeks we were there!

The food and sight-seeing were all amazing, and spending time with Marius’s family was wonderful. It’s always interesting to see how life is in a different country. When you’re in a small village, life seemed slow and simple, but then you get on the freeway (or autobahn) and people are nuts! I was allowed to drive once I got my glasses and driving 120 mph scared the crap out of me.

I really loved how available organic food and vegan options were, and how much more affordable cheese is! And the bread was amazing… I wish I could find good German bread in LA. We went out to eat but we did a lot of home cooking. Marius’s mom made some amazing vegan food that I would like to re-create at home. I brought over some of my recipes as well (mushroom and soyrizo tacos, quinoa bowls.) It was really cool buying groceries at farms and all the organic stores, but tortillas were hard to find. German beer was all delicious, and we were stocked up of organic beers where we stayed. Let’s just say that the food was probably one of my favorite parts of this trip!

I loved my time in Germany. Despite how long we were there, we were surprised at how quickly time flew by and didn’t get to see everything we planned on. But that’s okay, we’ll be back!

Thanks for reading!


PS, here’s a fun video we made on New Year’s Eve!

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