2018 Reflection

Hi everyone!

What a year! 2018 has definitely been a major year of growth. So much happened and I would not change a thing. I have a hard time saying that it had its “ups and downs” because everything that happened turned out to be in alignment with where I am supposed to be at this very moment.

I am happy to say that I checked off quite a bit of goals for the year. And I am grateful for all the opportunities and everyone who was a part of it! Here is a summary of 2018:

• I travelled quite a bit
• I played A LOT of drums, with many new people as well as my music fam, and by myself 😛
• I grew confidence in putting myself out there in sharing videos of myself playing (and some singing)
• I started a band and business with my husband
• We had our wedding day exactly how we always imagined it since our beginning
• I rediscovered meditation and have been doing it for 168 days straight!
• I developed a better relationship with money and that has done amazing things for me
• I’ve learned to say “No” at any situation that did not feel good to me or if I could not be fully present in it
• I stopped worrying about what other people think or feel about me no matter how close they are to me
• I’ve learned to let go of anything if I knew it did not serve me anymore
• I am way more conscious of my health and what I put in or on my body (vegan/organic as much as possible, no chemicals!)
• I learned to trust that everything works out for the best
• I found a love for tarot cards
• I’ve been a bit anti-social
• I read a lot of books!
• I did not surf enough :/

Here are a few highlights in pictures:

Started off 2018 in Germany! At St. Hildegard’s Abbey
Me and Heidelberg Castle
Started a new band and business with Marius… watch out, Boogie Agenda is comin’ at ya!
First time in years I had a quiet and sober birthday… lol!
Played with my SolRising brothers in Napa Wine Country
Redecorated our entire house! Living life WITHOUT a TV is wonderful
Went on our annual trip to San Francisco but this time with my new in-laws
Our perfect wedding day with our closest family and friends
One of the few times I went surfing in 2018 in August
Went to Palm Springs…
Reggae On The Mountain, one of the many cool shows I played with my Bodhi Rock fam
Read lots of books… and my collection keeps growing. Blog post about these soon!
Went to Palm Springs again!
Went on a long road trip to Sacramento, Portland, Seattle and spent Christmas time in Vancouver!
At the Vancouver German Christmas Market

Sometimes I would look back at the year, especially as the year came closer to the end. And I had moments where I felt like I did not do enough or as much as I had planned.

But today, as I reflect on everything that happened and everything I have learned, I was always and still am on my path. Everything was in preparation for some unknown that has yet to unfold. I am excited and inspired to see what will unfold in 2019!

As far as 2019 and new year resolutions go, the coming year will just be a continuation of my personal and career growth, but with more intent with the goals, projects, and wishes I already have. I do have a good bucket list of things that I have intent on checking off this year. 🙂

When I was in high school, I decided that every new year will only be better than the previous. So far, I definitely feel like it has been that way (in some way or another) ever since!

I wish you all the love, health, wealth and happiness in 2019!

Much Love, Joan

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